Walduck One-Name Study

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Welcome to the Walduck One-Name Study website.


This work evolved from a study of my own Walduck ancestors (begun 2010) in which I discovered an extremely large number of ancestors concentrated in Drayton Parslow village, Buckinghamshire, UK. Having followed my ancestors back to the 1841 census, I then followed every line forward through the censuses up to 1911. I had started what was to become my Walduck One-Name Study!

Further work showed similar clustering of Walduck families in other villages: e.g. Meldreth (Cambridgeshire*), Ashwell (Hertfordshire), and also in London. (* Meldreth is generally found in Hertfordshire for census purposes.)


The most common variant appears to be Waldock (but this could have a separate and earlier origin). Waldeck and other variant spellings (Wallduck, Walldock, Walldeck) are also known.

There are instances of the same family changing from Walduck to Waldock (or vice-versa) in censuses recorded in neighbouring counties, so different local dialects led to different spellings.


The highly clustered but scattered distribution of this name within the UK during early censuses suggest that it has had only a short history within the UK, or that the name was introduced from outside the UK, perhaps by immigration from elsewhere in Europe.

Waldeck is also known to come from the Germanic areas (Rhineland-Palatinate). There is even a Waldeck Castle (first mentioned in 1120, according to Wikimapia.org).


Throughout the UK BMD records (1837-2006) there are 786 Walduck births, 2901 Waldock births and 167 Waldeck births. There are far fewer births recorded with the alternative spellings, although Wallduck predominates (124 births). Waldocks appear to be increasing, but Walducks are declining in numbers.

Overall there are about 5500 entries in the UK censuses for 1841-1911 for Walduck and its variants, which may arise from about 1200-1500 separate people. I am still in the process of progressively working through the 1861-1911 censuses for Walducks/Waldocks unrelated to me. In due course further names will be added to the database.


My main data source has been UK censuses, reinforced by BMD sources. I have not yet trawled all BMD records. Information from Drayton Parslow parish register has also proved useful. Much more work of this nature still remains to be done.


I have (2013) started a Walduck DNA project with FamilyTreeDNA.


To help you find your way around, the HEAD of each branch has their forename capitalised. This gives you starting points for family groups. Try JOHN Walduck, born ~1762, for a really big family tree. The earliest entry in this study is WILLIAM Walduck, born ~1605, an ancestor of the JOHN above (born ~1762).